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Final Pixel’s Content Factory looks to make virtual production more accessible

Content Factory aims to bring virtual production within reach of product advertising budgets
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Content Factory aims to bring virtual production within reach of product advertising budgets

CUBE Studio in the UK becomes the first launch partner for Final Pixel’s Content Factory as the industry looks to make virtual production accessible to more people.

One of the big trends in the latter part of 2023 is work across different continents to make virtual production accessible to lower-budget productions, and Final Pixel’s new Content Factory initiative aims to do just that. Housed within CUBE Studio’s 7,500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art virtual production studio in Maidenhead just outside London, and usefully close to Heathrow airport, the idea is that it combines virtual production expertise, techniques and technologies into an “accessible, comprehensive and highly approachable package” of services designed to enable anyone to embrace and easily integrate virtual production into their content, branding and advertising strategies.

It is also billed as being affordable too. “Designed with a focus on digital, influencer and product advertising, Final Pixel's Content Factory bridges the gap between ad-level budgets and one-day virtual production shoots,” says a release. The company isn’t actually releasing details of pricing just yet, but given the market it’s targeting with this — and its plans for expansion into multiple territories — it’s reasonable to assume that it’s going to be less than the bespoke charges that currently dominate the industry. 

Effectively, it’s a one-stop virtual production shop. The Content Factory provides access to a library of immersive and photoreal virtual environments, highly skilled crew, camera, lighting and a range of props, effectively allowing users to capture multiple campaigns in just one day.

“Content Factory means you can stop time, control the weather, the season, the country and reach creative ambitions - but without breaking the bank,” comments Hanah Draper, Global Head of Production at Final Pixel. “We’ve unearthed a way of democratising virtual production and simplified it into a nice, digestible package.”

So, what do productions get?

  • CUBE Studio’s 10.5x5.5m LED volume, built with Unilumin Upad IV LED panels (HDR and a pixel pitch of 2.6 mm and new DDC (dual drive configuration) technology, plus Brompton Technology processing
  • 6.5mx5m drive-in vehicle access to the LED stage, with unloading bay
  • Viewing platform with views of the LED stage
  • Production office, boardroom, kitchen and refreshment facilities
  • Spacious green room and breakout lounge for talent and clients
  • Dressing rooms and hair and make–up suites
  • On-site parking
  • Sohonet dedicated high-speed internet access
  • Fresh air ventilation system
  • Equipment and set build area

It’s a neat package. And while it will probably still be beyond the budgets of many, it’s a sign that costs are coming down all the time, and LED volumes should no longer just be considered a part of the MCU and other rarefied spaces.

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