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Final Cut Pro X updated: New proxies, social media sharing, & more 

FCP X 10.4.9. Image: Apple.
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FCP X 10.4.9. Image: Apple.

Apple has released updates to its professional video software, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor. Along with new features and improvements, FCP X has introduced more proxy workflows, social media cropping tools, and many others.

FCP X 10.4.9. Image: Apple.
FCP X 10.4.9. Image: Apple.

Final Cut Pro X 10.4.9

Editing in proxies is terrific for several reasons: Cameras with up to 8K and 12K resolution require workstations and NLEs need to be able to handle these large and complex video files. Proxy video files makes it much easier to edit that footage. And, as more editors work remotely, proxies can be shared quickly to anywhere in the world, then finished in higher resolutions later.

FCP X 10.4.9 introduces the ability to create proxy files in H.264 or ProRes Proxy, and Apple says the resolution and dimensions can be as low as 12.5% that of the original. Libraries can be shared, and is ideal for platforms like Frame.io, and asset management apps such as Keyflow Pro.

More and more viewers are watching video content on their portable devices, and the latest update to Final Cut Pro X includes Smart Conform, which uses machine learning to automatically and intelligently crop video projects for social media platforms. Editors will also be able to change the position, scale, and rotation as they see fit, plus use Custom Overlay to help place text on the footage.

Other new feature highlights include:

  • Viewing ProRes Raw settings in the inspector (exposure offset, ISO, and color temperature).
  • Plugins built for Apple's Metal for RED RAW and Canon Cinema RAW Light (up to 8K resolution).
  • Twice-as-fast encoding of 8K RED RAW to ProRes 422 on a Mac Pro, and three times faster on the newest MacBook Pro.
  • One-step audio crossfades on adjacent clips.
  • Quickly stabilize 360-degree footage into different streams for each eye while editing.
Apple Motion 5.4.6. Image: Apple.
Apple Motion 5.4.6. Image: Apple.

Motion 5.4.6

Motion now supports the import of third-party 3D models, which can be manipulated in any way an editor, graphic designer, or animator sees fit. There is a nice library of USDZ format 3D models to choose from for use as effects, transitions, titles, or generators.

They can be changed via keyframes or behaviors to change everything from scale to rotation and position. The sky is the limit with how these 3D models can be manipulated.

In addition, there is a new Stroke Filter, which will automatically outline text or an object via its alpha channel. This allows for further customization and animation without the time-consuming process of doing it manually.

The latest FCP X update can intelligently crop for various social media sites. Image Apple.
The latest FCP X update can intelligently crop for various social media sites. Image Apple.

Compressor 4.4.7

Compressor offers support for custom LUT effects, convert log-encoded clips via camera LUTs to output HDR or SDR, and much more. Compressor is a powerful solution for outputting video and audio once editing is completed in Final Cut Pro X.


The updates to Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor are free for existing users. The price is only $299.99 for FCP X, and $49.99 each for Motion and Compressor. FCP X includes a longer trial period of 90 days, and there is an education discounted bundle of the apps for only $199.99. Visit the FCP X page for more details.

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