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FiLMiC Pro and Frame.io team up for Camera-to-Cloud Service

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FiLMiC Pro is the premiere mobile cinematography app for all levels of filmmakers, YouTubers, and content creators. Frame.io is the leading, cloud-based platform to collaborate on projects from anywhere. And now its partnering for camera-to-cloud service.

While working on set, filmmakers will be able to use Frame.io's secure cloud connection to quickly upload footage (low bandwidth proxy versions) from mobile devices using FiLMiC Pro, that can be accessed and cut by editors anywhere in the world.

This is an incredible addition to FiLMiC Pro, especially as filmmaking has truly gone global. You might be shooting a short film in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but your editor is located in the United Kingdom. With Frame.io, the footage is securely uploaded and accessible for editing right away. Plus, following the recent acquisition by Adobe, there's deep integration with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

This incredible feature is a first for any mobile cinematography app, and FiLMiC Pro has added the Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud to their Cinematography Kit. That alone is an in-app purchase well worth its weight in gold, as it has many other features including 10-bit SDR LogV3, LogV2, and more.

Check out this video tutorial to learn how it works:


FiLMiC Pro is extremely affordable, costing only $14.99 USD, while the Cinematography Kit is priced at $13.99 USD (in-app purchase). For less than $30, you can turn your iOS or supported Android mobile device into a full-blown cinema camera.

Frame.io has several pricing tiers, including a free version that allows review and approval of freelance projects for 2 users, Pro (10 users) with enhanced features for $15 USD/month, Team (15 users) with customised workflow options for $25 USD/month, and an Enterprise edition with advanced security and workflows at scale.

You can get more details at FiLMiC Pro's site, plus learn more about Frame.io here.

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