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Filmconvert and Cinematic updated to support the iPhone 13 and GoPro HERO10

Image: Filmconvert.
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Image: Filmconvert.

Filmconvert has updated its camera profiles for both Filmconvert Nitrate and Cinematch to include the new iPhone 13 and the GoPro HERO10.

Of the two releases, the Cinematch update is the most interesting. Cinematch is a plugin that will match  any camera it has a profile for, to another. For example if you shoot with a Panasonic S1H, but you are intercutting with one of the Sony A7 series, you can convert the log profile of one to be a visually indistinguishable match to the other. It works very well indeed.

The company has now updated the colour profiles to include the iPhone 13 and the GoPro HERO10. Whilst these are smaller cameras, there are occasions where this type of footage does need to be matched as best as possible to footage shot with larger systems. With the iPhone 13 Pro gaining the ability to record ProRes, it will increasingly be used to get footage where other cameras may be more conspicuous or too large.

To download the new profiles, visit the Cinematch website and Filmconvert.

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