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Exclusive interview with Vincent Chiou from ASUS ProArt

1 minute read

Vincent Chiou is GM of Display Business Unit, ASUS Corporate Vice President, and ProArt Committee Chairman. In this exclusive interview, David Shapton talks to Vincent and digs deep into how ASUS is tapping into the creators market.

ASUS has always been strong in the gaming world, but now it is making impressive inroads when it comes to the creator market - and the brand speaks for itself. ProArt products are designed with professionals and artists in mind. Vincent explains how ASUS works together with different key industry partners to provide well thought out designs for hardware and software products. And example of this is the ASUS Dial. The ASUS Dial is a great example of a product that results when hardware and software come together. With the dial knob, you are able to adjust different parameters in Adobe easily by rotating or pressing the dial, or it can be used as a jog/shuttle dial within NLE software such as Premiere Pro.

Remote production is here to stay, and ensuring creators can present their work consistently and with colour accuracy wherever they are makes ASUS ProArt a great option for many. Watch our exclusive interview below and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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