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DPA launches new bundled mic kits

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DPA has launched a set of new bundles designed to cover miking needs for specific applications from studio and live recordings to live events and location sound.

DPA's new pro sound microphone kits have been designed to provide audio engineers with a selection of high-quality condenser mics for a range of purposes, and include the DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit, DSK4001 Studio Microphone Kit, DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Kit, and the DLS4000 Location Sound Kit. 

Chief interest to our part of the industry is liable to be that €17,500 or so DLS4000 Location Sound Microphone Kit, which features all the standard TV/film production solutions, along with cables, holders, concealers, adapters, clips and more. "From shotguns for booming to micro-shotguns for discreet plant-miking and a range of lavaliers for close-miking, each microphone included in the kit has been specifically chosen based on input from professional sound engineers, to prepare users for whatever task is thrown their way," says the company.

Full spec is below:

2 x 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone
1 x 4098 CORE Supercardioid Mic, White, MicroDot, 16 cm (6 in) Boom, full Gooseneck
2 x 4060 CORE Omni Mic, Normal SPL, Beige, MicroDot 
2 x 4061 CORE Omni Mic, Loud SPL, Black, MicroDot 
2 x 4071 CORE Omni Mic, Presence Boost, Loud SPL, Black, MicroDot
1 x 4661 CORE Heavy Duty Omni Mic, Loud SPL, Black, MicroDot 
2 x 6060 CORE Omni Submini Mic, Normal SPL, White, MicroDot 
2 x 6060 CORE Omni Submini Mic, Normal SPL, Beige, MicroDot 
2 x 6061 CORE Omni Submini Mic, Loud SPL, Black, MicroDot 
2 x 4017B Shotgun Mic
2 x 4018C Compact Supercardioid Mic

2 x MMP-ES Preamp with Modular Active Cable, XLR, Side, 3 m (9.8 ft)
2 x MMP-GR Preamp with Modular Active MicroDot Cable, Rear, 1.8 m (5.9 ft)
And various other accessories: holders, foam windscreens, clips, concealers, cables, adaptors, shock mounts, all in a decently specced 

“We are excited to share these new solutions with our industry colleagues,” says Helga Volha Somava, Product Management Director, DPA Microphones. “We have listened to and taken notes from experienced sound engineers within multiple industries to correctly define which mics are most critical for each application. With the flexibility to easily upgrade the mics, tools and accessories, we aimed to provide audio professionals with the best starting point to reach their end goal.”  

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