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disguise adds Previz integration to Cloud platform

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disguise has boosted its Cloud platform with the integration of Previz – a web-based app used to import, previsualise and share 3D interactive scenes.

Virtual production specialist disguise's Cloud platform is already a useful tool, allowing distributed teams to share content reviews round the world when working in LED volumes. By now connecting Previz into that, it adds the beginning stages of the process into the distributed workflow as well so everyone can check what's going on before the cameras start rolling / the big go button is pressed at the render farm.

There are several parts to this. disguise has built the Cloud platform as a production hub and says it will continue to expand its functionality in the coming months, which should be interesting. Previz is now a part of all that and accessed via the normal menu controls, and is also now connected with disguise Drive too. This allows users to conveniently share their 3D visualizations and preview models from all angles and easily make changes while storing, viewing and managing assets in disguise Drive.

There's also a new feature called Share to Previz, which enables users of disguise’s Designer software to export a model of a 3D LED stage, including geometry, textures and a baked version of the timeline, into a shareable link that uploads to their disguise Drive for teams and clients to then preview and comment on.

Add that all together and you have a workflow that enables users to manage multiple file types including 3D, animations, cameras and lighting from a mobile-friendly, web-based interface. That means that production teams can, for example, preview and approve a 3D model of their LED stage content in realtime on disguise’s Cloud platform before arriving on set. All of which should speed things up nicely.

Previz is now available as part of the disguise Cloud Pro and Studio subscriptions, which come in at $49 and $99 a month respectively. disguise is also currently offering a free 14-day trial for users to get started with Previz.

Tags: Virtual Production