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The importance of speed and color fidelity in Architectural Visualization

The School-ing crew
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The School-ing crew

Madrid-based School-ing specialises in teaching Architectural Visualization techniques and has found that the decreased rendering times and increased color fidelity provided by ASUS ProArt bring definite advantages.

The reality of Professional Architectural Visualization

Located in the heart of Madrid in Spain, School-ing is a school specializing in 3D Architectural Visualization (ArchViz). With a twist to traditional training, School-ing brings the reality of the professional market into the classroom to help students to develop their artistic and creative potential. Its course called Professional Architectural Visualization is centered around professional projects that are built around real challenges where students learn how the profession works, what kind of technical skills are required, and what the creative process is behind architectural visualization. Other courses and workshops School-ing offers focus on specific areas and skills needed in the industry such as ‘Unreal Engine 5 for ArchViz’. These courses are ideal for professionals who want to keep up with cutting-edge tools, specialize, or expand their range of skills.

An industry where image representation is everything

Architectural visualization understandably relies heavily on technology. Innovations such as virtual reality, real-time rendering, and cloud-based collaborations are ways to create more realistic experiences for customers. To be able to produce more accurate and realistic images, School-ing needs technology that can run different applications simultaneously and represent these visually at high fidelity. It is not only about displaying beautiful images but also about the entire development process that is an essential part of architecture visualization.

schooling 2

Students work together with industry professionals from the start of the project

Workstation built for real-time rendering

After using the COOLPC Creator Workstation powered by ASUS ProArt Motherboard in its classroom, School-ing noticed that rendering times when creating real-time 3D visualizations have improved the school’s efficiency by 15%. Being able to work in real-time during the development process, helps their students and professionals to create materials with more attention to detail. With this workstation, the school can now display realistic visual experiences for their clients and keep the work experience as comfortable as possible. 

COOLPC Workstation powered by ASUS ProArt motherboard helps to cut rendering times when it comes to School-ing's workflows

“It has been a huge difference with other machines we have had and it is very comfortable to work with,” comments Peru Medem, teacher of the Unreal Engine course.  Since the workstation comes with multiple connection ports, School-ing can now combine the latest innovations such as virtual reality and other types of external devices as part of their workflow. 


Peru Medem teaches their Unreal Engine course which utilises innovations such as VR as part of the projects

Quality representation of images

School-ing uses monitors that can display work as accurately as possible. After installing the ASUS ProArt PA32UCR-K monitors to its teaching space, School-ing has noticed improvements in its workflows. The 32” inch monitor enables its students to work with multiple applications simultaneously to ensure they learn versatile and productive workflows. Since the monitor comes with a factory calibrator, the school can be guaranteed that its work stays at the highest quality. “Despite this, we don’t have to calibrate so frequently because the panel is of such a high quality,” says Academic Director, Eduardo Rodriguez.


ASUS ProArt PA32UCR-K comes with a factory calibrator, so the school can be guaranteed that its work stays consistent at the highest quality

Its second monitor is the ASUS ProArt PA247CV and School-ing uses it as a professional input monitor. Having a monitor factory-calibrated by Calman gives the students a high amount of fidelity in the use of color and stability in their daily work. Eduardo mentions how an accurate representation of color is crucial for their line of work. “The representation of images with good quality, with precise colors that are detailed, is something fundamental in our work because we work with images that have to be visually attractive,” he says.


Students using the ASUS ProArt PA247CV as their professional input monitor


“The ability to have almost instant feedback allows us to make material composition decisions on the fly about lighting and this ultimately allows us to create much better images in less time,” says Adan. Using industry-standard equipment, the school can now create more complex scenes, with more details and with greater realism. Having the ASUS monitors and workstation, the school can power the real-time engines that can push the student's visualizations to the next level. 


ASUS ProArt monitors provide more complex scenes, and more details for greater realism

“These are products that we admire, and we would love to continue collaborating with ASUS in the future.” concludes Adan Martin.

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