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Dell’s new 40-in curved 5K display aims for eye comfort

The new Dell U4025QW: 40 inches of curved screen real estate
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The new Dell U4025QW: 40 inches of curved screen real estate

While others go for refresh rates, Dell is aiming for what it says is ‘five-star eye comfort’ at CES.

The Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U4025QW) is a bit of an eye-catcher. As well as that 40-in of curved screen real estate, the VESA DisplayHDR 600 certified monitor boasts a 99% DCI-P3 / Display P3 color space, a 5K resolution (5120x2160), and is based on IPS Black Panel technology.

It’s the viewing comfort that the company is majoring on rather than simply size alone, however, aiming the new display firmly at content creators, data scientists, or engineers who need to stare at a lot of screen for a lot of time. As there are a few claims regarding stats and efficacy in the following, we’ll let them explain their thinking in their own words.

“Dell's UltraSharp monitors are the first to have TUV Rheinland five-star eye comfort certification, a new industry standard for eye comfort to help reduce signs of eye fatigue,” the company says in a statement. “Dell was the first to meet this new industry standard by achieving three things:

“We doubled the refresh rate, going from a 60Hz to 120Hz refresh rate, to deliver smoother and sharper motion visuals.

“We built in an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness and color temperature according to ambient light condition. Recent studies show this can reduce the frequency of eye fatigue signs by 7% to 17% compared to a screen maintaining constant brightness. 

“We improved Dell ComfortView Plus by reducing harmful blue light exposures with more advanced LED backlight, going from 50% exposure to less than 35% exposure. Research shows this can reduce signs of eye fatigue by 8% after 50 minutes of performing a search task.”

Connectivity is provided by Thunderbolt 4 for single-cable convenience with up to 140W power delivery. It also supports high-speed wired Ethernet connectivity at 2.5 Gbps via RJ45, HDMI 2.1 FRL (Fixed Rate Link), and DisplayPort 1.4 for smooth image transmission.

There’s also a smaller display for those who might find 40-in a tad challenging to accommodate. The Dell UltraSharp 34-in U3425WE offers WQHD resolution (3440x1440) and has many of the same features, including that TUV Rheinland five-star eye comfort certification, IPS Black technology, and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity up to 90W power delivery. 

Both models will be available from the end of February, with the 40-in model coming in at $2399 and the 34-in over a grand cheaper at $1019.

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