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Creamsource releases significant firmware update for Vortex8 LED

Image: Creamsource.
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Image: Creamsource.

Creamsource has released a pretty substantial firmware update for their Vortex8 LED, the CreamOS 1.2.0, which includes the introduction of FrameSync. It allows the filming of a scene with multiple different lighting setups, simultaneously.

Before we dive into the CreamOS 1.2.0 firmware update, let's take a look at the Vortex8 LED, which is known for its versatility. The 650W high-power 2x1LED fixture has a CCT range from 2200K all the way up to 15000K, and it's a fairly durable light: It's actually water resistant and sealed u, so the gaffer and grips won't need to worry about rain, snow, or dust, whether real or an effect.

The new FrameSync feature found in the major CreamOS 1.2.0 firmware update will not only allow a scene to be filmed with multiple lighting setups at once, it also creates a virtual green screen for even more creative options.

FrameSync allows the Vortex8 LED to be triggered by a sync generator or via genlock output to a camera, which will make sure the light is in sync with the camera's shutter. Creamsource says FrameSync will support frame rates up to 5000 fps and frame accurate strobing.

You'll be able to set up different lighting options, such as a green light on one side of your talent and a yellow light on the other. The lights will be pre-programmed to use one color for a frame, then the other color for the next fame. FrameSync controls all of this. You'll need to shoot in a higher frame rate, then edit in a lower frame rate.

In post-production, you can choose which color is best, and you did so without having to film the scene twice with different lighting. Plus, two lights aren't the maximum; you can use multiple lighting setups with different colors, per Creamsource.

CreamOS 1.2.0 also offers up to 50 user presets, DMX over ethernet, and more. Check out the Vortex8 LED page to learn more, plus click here for more information on FrameSync and the CreamOS 1.2.0 firmware update.

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