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Creamsource releases new lighting products into Vortex ecosystem

Getting dramatic with the new Creamsource V24
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Getting dramatic with the new Creamsource V24

This week, Creamsource released new Vortex8 Soft (V8S), Vortex4 Soft (V4S), and huge Vortex24 LED light panels for Film and TV productions to add to its already well-respected range of professional lighting.

Lighting is important, really important. The people who make the lights you and your colleagues use on set to light your subjects are incredibly smart and, in some instances (like Creamsource CEO, Tama Berkeljon), a little on the crazy, mad scientist side — which allows products to come with a bit of something missing from much industry gear - a personality! Today, we have seen Creamsourse release not just one but three new products, which is a big deal for a small company with products already on some of the film and TV industry's biggest sets. 

I first met Tama and the other Aussie Creamsource team members at CineGear in LA back in 2019. In fact, in another life, I helped them with the launch of the OG Vortex8 back in 2020 and saw just how well it was picked up by the most respected gaffers in the industry. Working with the Creamsource team was incredibly fun. I respect their knowledge, passion, and ability to laugh at themselves and make themselves available to gaffers and filmmakers around the world. 

So, the new lights…

Designed as a creative complement to the Vortex8 and Vortex4 hard panels, the Vortex8 Soft and Vortex4 Soft offer high-output soft lighting solutions tailored for maximum efficiency and performance. Boasting a powerful RRGBBW color engine and build quality synonymous with the company, these panels provide balanced lighting with customizable arrays, catering to a wide range of use cases on set.

creamsource v4

The new Creamsource V4

The technical specifications of the Vortex8 Soft and Vortex4 Soft underscore their capabilities, with photometrics reaching up to 58,200 lumens for the V8S and 29,100 lumens for the V4S. With a beam angle of 110° and a versatile light source combining red, green, blue, and white LEDs, these panels ensure optimal lighting conditions for various filming scenarios.

creamsource v8

The new Creamsource V8

The introduction of the Vortex24 addresses the demand for a larger, more powerful lighting solution in response to customer feedback. You want “punch”? Yeah, you got it… With triple the output of the (already very punchy) Vortex8, the Vortex24 offers 90,000 lumens and a focused beam angle of 20°, providing greater coverage and precision for intricate image-based lighting scenarios. Its compact design simplifies rigging, reducing the need for multiple units while maintaining the power and efficiency required for demanding productions.

creamsource V24 angled

And the whopping great (technical term) Creamsource V24

Creamsource's commitment to seamless integration and user-friendly operation is integral to the Vortex ecosystem. The addition of the LNX mounting system and versatile multi yokes streamlines setup, while the CreamOS unifies the user experience, ensuring hassle-free control and customization. The IP65-rated weatherproof design guarantees durability, allowing filmmakers and lighting professionals to work confidently in diverse environments.

For Gaffers and professionals in the film and television industry, the Vortex ecosystem offers excellent versatility, efficiency, and precision in lighting solutions. Whether illuminating a film set, capturing the essence of a character, or setting the stage for a dramatic scene, Creamsource's Vortex lineup has genuinely changed the way lighting is approached, empowering filmmakers to bring their creative vision to life with confidence and precision. It just works.

As the Vortex8 Soft, Vortex4 Soft, and Vortex24 become available for pre-order, filmmakers and lighting professionals can look forward to experiencing the next evolution in film and TV lighting, with shipping slated for summer 2024. With pricing starting at $2,299 for the Vortex4 Soft, $4,499 for the Vortex8 Soft, and $16,499 for the Vortex24, these innovative lighting solutions promise to elevate productions to new heights, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Good luck, fellas - look forward to seeing these on sets later this year!

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