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Creamsource launches the Vortex4 (viewer discretion)

Image: Creamsource.
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Image: Creamsource.

Creamsource has just launched a brand new light, the Vortex4, accompanied by a launch film of Hollywood proportions.

It's difficult to make a light sexy, or interesting, but that's exactly what Creamsource appears to be managing on a near constant basis. Its new light, the Vortex4 has been launched to the visuals of a Hollywood style comedy horror film. You can view it below, but beware, it likely isn't safe for work, assuming you're in an office right now.

The film does become a little disjointed towards the end, but there's no denying the production quality put forward here, the wry Aussie humour, or the quality of the lighting on display courtesy of the Vortex4. It almost makes me want to make an indy film again.

Creamsource Vortex4.
The Vortex4 being used on a car rig. Image: Creamsource.

Creamsource Vortex4 features

The Vortex4 shares features with the Vortex8, namely a 20-degree native beam angle, and a colour temp range from 2200K to 15000K. The light is also versatile, performing duties as both a hard light and as a soft light through material or by using the Creamsource dome and diffuser.

Helpfully for location work, the Vortex4 has an IP65 water-resistance rating, so there's no fear if you are filming outside at night when the heavens open. It also means that it can be used safely around weather generating equipment or other effects generating machines, as well as in dusty environments. The light has an integrated power supply, so cabling is also simplified.


The light can use the Creamsource 'Vortex Connect', which is a connectivity system that includes LumenRadio TimoTwo, Ethernet with sACN, Bluetooth, 5pin DMX, Wifi, USB-A, and a Creamsource accessory port. The company says that this enables the light to interact with third part instruments and protocols.

The Vortex4 will ship in March 2022 and will retail for $2799USD. Pre-ordering is available now from the Creamsource website.

And now for the film. Scroll down further for the BTS.


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