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Colorfront adds support for AWS CDI

The Colorfront Streaming Player in action
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The Colorfront Streaming Player in action

The Colorfront Streaming Server now supports AWS Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI) network tech to help deliver reference-quality assets over the public internet as well as a few other cool things.

AWS CDI is a network technology that enables the transport of uncompressed video, up to 12-bit 4K UHD with audio, between applications running on AWS in the cloud. It's high-performance and ultra-low latency, meaning that any vendors and products in a collaborative ecosystem, such as Colorfront and Autodesk Flame, can maximize the performance of their products on AWS and offer reliable cloud-based workflows.

Colorfront has enjoyed a near-ten-year collaboration with AWS, stretching back to the launch of Colorfront Cloud Platform on AWS in 2013. Streaming Server running on AWS means that digital artists can output network video via NDI or AWS CDI to Colorfront Streaming Server, which converts the content to professional, reference-quality HEVC. Colorfront Advanced Streaming Gateway provides secure and reliable delivery to multiple stakeholder destinations simultaneously over the internet using studio-level AES 256-bit encryption, which they can view using Colorfront Streaming Player.

These remote clients can be located anywhere around the world wherever there is broadband internet. They do not need high-bandwidth AWS Direct Connect or proprietary networks to participate in ‘live’ remote sessions, such as color grading, and can instead use Colorfront’s Streaming Player receiver software for critical remote viewing, approval and QC purposes on a variety of displays, from smart phones to reference monitors.

For conform, finishing and VFX effects creation, the integration of Colorfront Streaming Server and Flame on the Cloud via AWS CDI enables users to take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based content creation and collaboration, while maintaining the high performance and flexibility of a local installation. This is all a definite step forward for users in terms of delivering convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. 

Here's a definite money quote from Jonathon Lee, Head of Media Engineering & Innovation at Amazon Studios. "I was thrilled to hear that Colorfront added AWS Cloud Digital Interface integration to their Streaming Server platform,” he said. “This creates new possibilities for remote collaboration and color critical, cloud-native workflows. It also compliments the cloud production ecosystem that we’ve been building and brings ease to our global studio by decoupling production and geography. Now remote color sessions and reviews are simpler and more secure."


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