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Color Intelligence takes on Emmy Award winning software architect

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The Emmy award winning Gary Oberbrunner has joined Color Intelligence, the company behind Colourlab Ai.

We don't usually cover personnel appointments on RedShark, but this is a particularly interesting one given Gary's background. He is taking on the role of Chief Software Architect, and he was the co-designer and lead developer of the well known and regarded Sapphire plugins. Sapphire, for those not of a VFX persuasion, are some of the most successful plugins in use today for both television and film.

Dado Valentic, the founder and CEO of Color Intelligence, said, “It is an exciting moment. With the addition of Gary to our team, Colourlab Ai has entered a new phase of its life cycle. We are transforming from an innovation boutique to a global player in the area of Ai for post production. In the next stage of our development, our innovative approach to color and image processing will become accessible to all creatives regardless of what hardware platform they choose: Mac, PC, cloud or even mobile phones. Version 3 of Colourlab Ai will make Ai for Color accessible to more people than ever before.”

Oberbrunner has nearly 40 years of experience in the development of high-performance computing, GPU programming, and image processing, so this appointment is quite significant. It is a sign of maturity of Color Intelligence that such an appointment has been made as Colorlab Ai becomes ever more powerful, and more widely used.
Gary said, “I’m excited about the opportunity ahead for Colourlab Ai. AI and machine learning will play a vital role in the evolution of the film industry, and I’m looking forward to helping create that future.”

For more information on Colourlab Ai, visit the Color Intelligence website.

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