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Color Intelligence brings Look Designer 2 to Premiere Pro and After Effects

Look Designer 2 for Adobe. Image: Color Intelligence Ai.
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Look Designer 2 for Adobe. Image: Color Intelligence Ai.

Previously only available in DaVinci Resolve, Look Designer 2 now works with both Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Look Designer 2 allows filmmakers the creative freedom to produce unique cinematic looks. The software emulates the traditional processes of film acquisition, namely development, scanning, and printing. But, using a custom subtractive colour CMY system, it's much more than just a generic Film Emulation LUT. 

Look Design 2 features

  • Access the same tools and technology as Look Designer 2 for DaVinci Resolve 
  • One-click Scene Referred Image Processing, the Netflix industry standard – Colour grade by preserving original source material and output to multiple display devices. Grade once and export to HDR, SDR, Cinema Screen and other popular formats. Colour grade is automatically adapted to any medium. 
  • Lumetri friendly 
  • Create and save presets in Adobe Premiere Pro and import presets to Adobe After Effects
  • Ed Lachman Zones – integrated exposure tool 
  • Easily and efficiently handles multiple footage sources such as GoPro or iPhone by matching and bringing to a unified colour space 
  • Quickly access and apply new film stock profiles 
  • Supports iPhone capture formats – HD, 4K, HD (PAL), and 4K (PAL) 
  • Now supports Z-Cam and Kinefinity 
  • Quickly test and evaluate colour calibration values before application
  • Extended output and display formats – Netflix HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Apple Pro Displays

Creative grades are easier than ever within Adobe's editing software thanks to Look Designer 2. Image: Color Intelligence.

The development of Look Designer 2 for Premiere Pro and After Effects further cements Color Intelligence as a force to be reckoned with in the grading sphere. Along with Colorlab Ai, there are currently no other tools that we're aware of like them.

With both the demand for stylised looks only growing, but along with it ever higher time pressures, it's tools like this that will help creators deal with the speed pressures whilst still leaving freedom for creativity.

Look Designer 2 is available now for a limited time perpetual price of $99 for a two seat license. For more information visit the Color Intelligence website.

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