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Color accurate workflows: Milk VFX's approach to global color standards

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Milk VFX is an award-winning visual effects studio that specializes in episodic television and feature films. Originally from London, the company has studios across different locations from Barcelona to Dublin and Bordeaux, but they all have the same mission to deliver high-quality and color-accurate images. 

Milk VFX and its global network of studios

Established in 2013 by a dedicated team of VFX supervisors and producers, Milk VFX has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of possibility when it comes to visual effects. The team has won multiple awards for its creative work, including three BAFTA Television Craft awards for its outstanding work on BBC productions, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Doctor Who. The company also earned an Emmy in 2016 for its contributions to the BBC/Hartswood's Sherlock. Its co-founder Sara Bennett made history in the same year as the first woman in two decades to win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects, recognized for her work on the film Ex-Machina at the 88th Academy Awards.

Milk specializes in creating innovative sequences from effects to creatures and environments for episodic television and feature films. But what also makes this studio different is its commitment to fostering global talent. Originally based in Clerkenwell, London, the studio has expanded with offices in Barcelona, Dublin, and Bordeaux. This global network of offices enables Milk VFX to bring a diverse set of talent to the table, but how do they ensure color-consistent results? 

Maintaining color consistency

Operating a network of global offices, Milk VFX's main challenge is maintaining a consistent artistic vision and high-quality standards throughout all of its studios. Working on multiple diverse creative projects, the studio needs to make sure they are delivering consistent and technically precise high-end images. 


Jorge reviewing his project in Barcelona

“We need specific equipment that helps us deliver the vision of the director. I want to know that what I see on the screen with these monitors is exactly the same thing that my colleagues in London are looking at,” says Jorge Oliva, Head of Operations at Milk VFX Barcelona.


Meanwhile, Joseph is reviewing the same project back in London

Same Setup Across Studios

To collaborate across all studios, Milk VFX relies on the ASUS ProArt Display OLED PA32DC as its primary review station. The monitor gives every artist access to UHD content which is the primary delivery format for most projects. Covering 99% of the DCI-P3 gamut, the monitor is suitable for ACES color workflow. With its OLED display, artists can see true blacks and whites for accurate color work. When working with visual effects, having a monitor that can showcase fast-moving images smoothly is hugely important. With 10-bit depth and a rapid 0.1-millisecond response time, Milk VFX can create the most engaging visual effects for its audience.


The full setup includes ASUS ProArt Display OLED PA32DC on the left paired with PA248CRV monitor on the right

The companion monitor (on the right) is the ASUS ProArt Display PA248CRV. This monitor excels in color making it suitable for GUI display. It is a 4K HDR display that showcases 97% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB color spaces. To make sure every artist has access to the same hardware setup, each monitor comes with versatile connectivity options including USB-C, HDMI, and USB 3.0. This gives the artists seamless integration of additional tools they need regardless of their location.

“It's important that across the entire company, we all have the same setup, so the color is consistent across all the projects,” says Oliva.


Both of the monitors feature extensive connectivity options for external connections

The powerful yet cost-effective monitors have been an essential part of Milk VFX's commitment to innovation with emerging technologies. The consistency across ASUS ProArt monitors has enabled seamless collaboration among artists, resulting in high-quality outcomes across all of the company's global offices. This synergy between cutting-edge technology and collaborative workflow underscores Milk VFX's commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of visual effects production.

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