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Cine Gear 2024: News and launches round-up

The new ARRI Hi-5 SX replaces the ARRI SXU-1 single-axis hand unit
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The new ARRI Hi-5 SX replaces the ARRI SXU-1 single-axis hand unit

Cine Gear 2024 took place in LA over recent days and here’s a selection of some of the key stuff that was announced and unveiled at the show.

It was an interesting Cine Gear 2024 in LA last week party as a lot of the big news dropped before the show. Sony confirmed its BURANO firmware roadmap, and both Canon and Panasonic launched new cameras (the Canon EOS C400 6K Full-Frame RF Mount Cinema Camera being right in the sweet spot for the Cine Gear audience, though the Lumix GH7 is no slouch when it comes to video capabilities either).

There were new prototypes and teases on display still. Hollyland was showing off its new Pyro 7 TX/RX monitor, part of the new Pyro series, which should be with us next month; Tilta had an updated but not yet finalised version of its Mirage matte box, the Mirage Pro; SmallRig gave an early look at its accessory ecosystem for the Sony BURANO; and ARRI was showing off its new SAM-10 plate that lets users mount serious long and heavy lenses on their cameras without having to use rods.


That should be with us soon, but sticking with the stuff that we know is definitely on the release schedule (and with ARRI too), the new ARRI Hi-5 SX is a single-axis wireless hand unit with flexible upgrade options and billed as a cost-effective single-axis version of ARRI’s flagship Hi-5 hand unit. It provides third-party compatibility (“Any camera, any lens,” says the company), is upgradeable via software licenses to full Hi-5 functionality, and also features swappable radio modules for different setups and regions. 

Regarding those licenses, the Hi-5 SX Plus License enables lens mapping, Custom Smart Ring creation, six additional user buttons, tail slate mode, and more. Above and beyond that, the Hi-5 SX All-Axis License enables simultaneous use of the knob, slider, and force-pad for three-axis lens control, as well as complete display information, AUX axis, and full virtual T-stop and focal length features. Once both licenses are installed the Hi-5 SX becomes functionally indistinguishable from the Hi-5 — the blue SX joystick toggle can even be swapped for a black one. It will be available to pre-order in July and ship in October (and it replaces the ARRI SXU-1 single-axis hand unit, which will be phased out). Pricing is TBA, but as a guide the SXU-1 currently lists at $5360.

viltrox epic

Viltrox introduced its new EPIC Series lenses, the Viltrox EPIC 25/100mm T2.0 1.33X PL and Viltrox EPIC 35/50/75mm T2.0 1.33X PL/E/L, which it bills as the only set of 1.33x anamorphic lenses covering full frame on the market, available in diverse focal lengths and mounts. Featuring a white lens body, they include a T2.0 constant aperture for beautiful bokeh and oval light spots, a 1.33x constant squeeze ratio for consistent low image distortion, a natural blue flare effect, and a 2.35:1 movie widescreen effect. With minimal focus breathing and consistent optical performance, they come in a durable air transport-level protection case. Prices range around the $3299 mark, with the EPIC 25/100mm T2.0 1.33X PL at $3999.

quasar science

Quasar Science unveiled new 0.9a firmware for its RR & R2 fixtures with the aim of making them faster and more versatile. It builds on its previous releases, which are designed for accurate color and advanced lighting control features that can scale to large multi-pixel lighting arrays, and brings improvements to the dimming engine, the implementation of new Advanced Routing modes, and the ability for any RR or R2 fixture to be a CRMX Transmitter.

Moxie solo

Core SWX was showcasing its new MoXIE Solo, a proper powerhouse packed into a sleek, compact unit, delivering an impressive 3.6kW AC output with simultaneous DC outputs and featuring the industry’s first Sodium Ion based battery. Two distinct battery cell options, the “Kodiak” cell (2kWh), and the LifePO4 “Vita” cell (3kWh), offer flexibility for different environmental conditions and power needs. The 121 lb unit (55kg) features an AC generator with internal charge, a robust aluminum cage with wheels for durability and mobility, and multiple DC outputs for versatile power supply. With expansion ports for additional cell packs, the Moxie Solo’s capacity can be easily increased, and a compact, whisper-quiet design makes it ideal for close-proximity use on film sets.

wooden camera cine mag ties

Sometimes it’s the small things. Wooden Camera is on a mission to eliminate threadbare Velcro strips and breakable cable clips with its Cine Mag Ties—durable, color-coded, quick-attach/release, silicon-moulded magnet cable ties that help to streamline your cable management, identify your runs, and personalize your setup. They’re available in 105mm and 175mm lengths with an integrated loop for attachment via a 1/4”-20 camera screw or directly to the cable itself to prevent misplacement. In addition, the silicon is stretchable allowing it to fit over cable connectors making sure they always travel with your cables on or off your setups. There are 13 colors and a pack of 5 will cost you $12.99.

godox cine gear 2024

There were plenty of interesting demos too. Renowned DOP Travis Wears and director Jameson Brooks gave demos on the Godox booth for instance. Wears explained how to achieve different effects for various shooting scenarios with many insights into both the creative process and technical execution;  while Brooks' demonstration (above) of the use of innovative lighting in commercials sparked engaging discussions on the latest trends in film lighting.

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