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Check out Lightworks' new blog

Image: LWKS.
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Image: LWKS.

Long time friend of RedShark, Lightworks, has released a new tips and tricks blog helping you to get the best out of the software, but it's also useful for editors of all systems.

Many of you will know that RedShark was originally born out of Lightworks. It is in fact where our shark fin came from! And although time has moved on and RedShark became a separate entity a number of years ago, we're still great mates, as they say.

And with this in mind, Lightworks has released a new blog to give tips and tricks to new users of the Lightworks software, as well as to help them along the path of editing technology in general.

The blog is called Editing Insights and it covers everything from de-mystifying codecs and controlling the rhythm of your edits, through to how to perform specific tasks within the software, such as picture-in-picture effects and how to backup your video, and much more besides.

Check out the Editing Insights full blog here, and while you're there, if you've never tried Lightworks before, why not take it for a trial spin?

Tags: Post & VFX Editing