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Canon's dedicated glass for virtual production

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New tools are constantly being developed for virtual production, and with the Flex Zoom 45-135mm, Canon might have produced one of the best lenses for it yet.

Director and DOP Brett Danton speaks together with Simon Skinner from Racquet Studios and Aron Randhawa from Canon on the IBC show floor about the Canon Flex Zoom 45-135mm lens.

"This lens is the star of the show here in our virtual production area," says Product Manager Aron Randhawa. "It's the Flex Zoom 45-135mm. This is a full-frame lens, and we're showcasing it as the most perfect lens - the ideal solution - for virtual production because of its high-end optical performance and advanced lens metadata functionality."

It's a popular opinion. "I love how clean this thing looks, even with the tracker on it," says Brett, gesturing at the rig. 'Only a year ago, you had cables everywhere, and that's when cameras start to become too hard to use. 

"I don't like to call it a game-changer, but it is a game-changer," he continues. "There's nothing else like this out there."

Have a look below.


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