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Blackmagic Design launches new Resolve tutorial video series

Image: Blackmagic Design.
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Image: Blackmagic Design.

Blackmagic Design has released a set of comprehensive Resolve 17 tutorial videos covering every aspect of the software.

The new series of videos is lengthy. These are the types of tutorial you need to set aside some time for and grab a drink. But what they do is take you through Resolve's features  in detail. They've been split up into different playlists, from editing and colour management to Fairlight and Fusion. The links below will take you to each series.

The videos won't tell you how to grade or necessarily how to edit, but what they do very well is to take you through the features so that you know what they do, helping you to work more efficiently. For example the section on colour management is extremely useful for knowing how Resolve handles different types of footage, how ACES differs from DaVinci colour management, and how you can best set up the system to get the best out of SDR and HDR footage. It also shows some useful tips on how to use the Dolby Vision feature to perform a good down conversion from an HDR grade to SDR.

This is a great set of videos that will be useful for anyone who uses Resolve on a daily basis and wants to learn more about how it works.

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