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Blackmagic Cloud Sync turbocharges camera to edit workflows

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Camera to cloud workflows are one thing, but Blackmagic has just extended it all one step further with Blackmagic Cloud Sync dumping footage into a DaVinci Resolve bin as it’s being shot.

The newly announced Blackmagic Cloud Sync is a free new feature of Blackmagic Cloud storage coming as a public beta in the new week or so that allows a camera to sync media into a DaVinci Resolve bin while the camera is recording. Initially pitched at live broadcast work, and news crews in particular, but likely applicable in a lot of other places as well, it means that ‘within seconds’ editors can see media arriving in real time and start editing it while the camera continues to record. 

Blackmagic Cloud Live Sync Features

  • Live syncs up to Blackmagic Cloud the moment recording starts.
  • Within seconds the media shows up in the DaVinci Resolve bin.
  • Edit and color correct as the camera records.
  • No faster way to get media on air for broadcast news.
  • Allows remote color grading of shots, syncing back on set in real time.

It’s interesting stuff to say the least. Blackmagic says that the secret to pulling it off lies in the ability of the latest Blackmagic cameras (it gives the Cinema Camera 6K, PYXIS, URSA Cine, and URSA Broadcast G2 as examples), to record a full resolution HD proxy in H.264. These files are live synced to Blackmagic Cloud as they are recorded, and then also live synced down to all DaVinci Resolve workstations that are connected to the same cloud project. 

On the camera, the customer simply logs into Blackmagic Cloud and selects a DaVinci Resolve project before recording. Then the recording will start live syncing to all connected DaVinci Resolve workstations. Editors can edit while colorists color correct. 

Where it gets really interesting is if customers have multiple cameras recording at the same time, then the new multi sync feature will show all cameras in a multi view, so the editor can pick the best angle.

The company characterises this as live streaming into the edit software. If the user starts playing, the playback will never end as the media is syncing into the viewer just in front of the play head. The editor can see the play indicator jump back as each segment of clip arrives and the clip continues to grow in length. Plus the clip icon in the bin will show a red record indicator to show this clip is still recording on the remote camera.

“This means when a camera starts recording, a remote DaVinci Resolve system can start editing and color correcting as the scene is shot, then a DaVinci system back on set can see the color grade the moment the camera stops rolling,” it explains. “It means you don't need a complex color grading setup on set, as a post production facility can do it on a large DaVinci panel with color accurate monitoring. Then the on set DaVinci Resolve system can be used for playback of these color graded shots the moment the shot has been completed. It’s concurrent post production and shooting, where both happen on the same shot at the same time.”

While there are not many news organisations worldwide using Resolve as their main editing weapon of choice as far as we know, this does make it a tempting prospect. For news workflows, a camera such as URSA Broadcast G2 can start recording and syncing into the editing system the moment an event starts to unfold. The editor doesn't have to wait for the camera to stop recording, so they can edit a news segment the moment the camera starts rolling, getting it on air in seconds and meaning there is at least some editorial filter on the alternative strategy of just going live.

And, of course, it’s not just news. As the feature rolls out to more cameras in the Blackmagic ecosystem then speedy remote workflows for all manner of shoots becomes possible.

Pricing and availability

The new Blackmagic Cloud live sync feature will be public beta in mid June as a free download for Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K and Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2. Interestingly, the Blackmagic Camera app for iPhone will include this feature in an update in the coming weeks. Lve sync will also be added to other cameras such as Blackmagic PYXIS 6K and Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K ‘shortly’. As an update to Blackmagic Cloud will be included free with current Blackmagic Cloud media sync plans. There will be no additional costs.

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