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Avid MediaCentral update allows collaboration with Adobe Premiere Pro

Avid Media Central. Image: Avid.
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Avid Media Central. Image: Avid.

Avid MediaCentral has been updated, and among the new and improved features is collaboration with Adobe Premiere Pro. This allows editors on both platforms to work on the same project, by accessing files, content, and much more.

Avid Media Central. Image: Avid.
Avid Media Central. Image: Avid.

Previously editors could exchange project files between Avid Media Composer and Premiere Pro to work together, but it wasn't easy. Thankfully a new update that's coming soon to MediaCentral will allow seamless collaboration between the two platforms, making it easy for editors two work on the same project efficiently. 

Avid MediaCentral allows editors to quickly access footage to work on, for example, the main project, short teasers, social media clips, etc. It's seamless, whether they're working in Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere. MediaCentral also perfect for remote editors working around the globe. 

"Were bridging together the two largest communities of professional creative tools users and solving common problems that get in the way of everyone trying to evolve faster and work more collaboratively," commented Ray Thompson, Director of Marketing Solutions at Avid.

Collaborators will be able to work in Avid MediaCentral's production and asset management and storage solutions, making it easy search, browse, edit, share, and distribute their digital content efficiently.

"Were just getting started with Adobe to make enhancements we know our users will welcome,” said Thompson.

The Avid MediaCentral update will be available in October 2020. Stay tuned to Avid's site for further details.

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