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What would it be like if you could "Instagram" audio?

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Propellerheads/RedSharkInstagram for audio?

Audiomatic is to music what Instagram is to pictures. Well, maybe. But whatever you might want to compare it with, there's no doubt that it's a quick and simple way to add "retro" vibes to your musical creations

I can absolutely guarantee that when I listened to music in the 70s on my deplorable transistor radio I wasn't wishing I could preserve that sound so that I could apply it to my future masterpieces.

But how wrong I was, because this exact capability is here and now and  comes free with Reason 7, the virtual studio from Propellerheads in Sweden.

The only possible way to demonstrate what this device can do is to see and hear it in a video. Meanwhile, while you're applying all those visual retro-effects to your images, consider whether you might benefit from passing the soundtrack through this thing.


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