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There are advantagest to Adobe CC: you get iZotope tools

iZotope/RedSharkiZotope and Premiere CC

iZotope's audio tools technology is now included with Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud

It's a perhaps an understatement to say that not everyone is happy with the new licensing arrangements around Adobe products, but there are advantages, and one of them is that the new Adobe Premiere CC will incorporate some of IZotope's audio processing technology.

Widely hailed as an extremely effective way to do the "difficult stuff" with processing sound, the new inclusion in Adobe's NLE will give users access to iZotope's convolution reverb, vocal enhancer, mastering tools, single and multi band compressors and other audio technologies.

This is a continuation of a long-standing relationship between Adobe and iZotope: the tools were previously available within Adobe Audition.


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