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New Audio section in RedShark

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RedSharkNew Audio section in RedShark

RedShark now has a dedicated audio section. We're doing this to ensure that we give the best possible coverage to this imortant part of content creation

Audio is part of video, but unless you're reading a specialist audio publication, it's often a case of - literally - "out of sight, out of mind".

And yet it's been said any number of times that audio can make or break a production.

We think it's important enough to be given its own section in RedShark. If you look at the top menu on each page, you'll now see an Audio section, in between Technology and Most Popular.

I've been working with digital audio since the early 80s, and remember seeing amazing professional tools like Fairlight and Synclaivier. I started audio editing on a '386 computer with a 30MB hard disk. Imagine editing music with a character-based interface that had all the user friendliness of WordStar!

And now, you can emulate a whole recording studio on a laptop. Or an iPad, for that matter.

From camera audio accessories to music software and hardware

We're going to built this up gradually into the best audio coverage you'll find anywhere. We're going to cover everything from audio accessories for camera operators to music software and hardware. Some of the best and most intriguing software in the world is for music production, and the tools available to create sound-tracks and music beds are beyond what most people could have imagined 20 years ago.

If you're an audio professional, write to me, david.shapton@redsharknews.com, and let me know what you'd like us to cover in this section. If you're interested in writing for it, let me know as well.


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