iZotope explores machine learning with RX 6 [video]

Written by RedShark News Staff

RedShark NewsEvan Allen explains how machine learning can clean up audio

Dave Shapton interviews Evan Allen from iZotope and finds that machine learning has been instrumental in developing several of the new modules in its latest RX 6 audio post software.

"Two of them we're particularly excited by because they were developed using machine learning," explains Evan Allen. DeRustle gets rid of lab mic rustle "a problem that has been plaguing the industry for a very long time and takes a lot of work to remove. Now it's a simple one-click process to get rid of."

Allen goes on to explain the company's history with machine learning and how they're now taking it to the next level. "We're basically feeding it a bunch of clean audio files telling it this is what clean dialogue should sound like, and we're feeding it a bunch of examples of really destroyed audio, renting out a whole bunch of cloud processing, and it eventually learns how to separate them."

In other words, this is very cool. Find out more below.


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