This is what happens when you connect 100 guitar pedals together, just because you can.

Written by David Shapton

 Nick Reinhart and Juan Alderete de la PeñaThis is what it sounds like when you wire 100 guitar pedals together

We've always wanted to try this, and now we don't have to, because here it is, in all its screeching glory

Sometimes we can't resist trying things out that we know are going to end badly.

Here's an example that is the audio equivalent of taking 100 different cars (from a Ferrari to a Fiat Punto) and fixing them all together with a giant iron girder, so that they all have to move at once. You'd need a very wide road, or, more likely, a salt flat, to try it, and the result would be - well, weird - and probably not very good.

None of which would make me not want to try it.

Well, here's something that's maybe a little bit easier logistically (although, as we'll see, not by much).

Here are two musicians, Nick Reinhart and Juan Alderete de la Peña, who have managed, somehow, to find a hundred different guitar pedals, and to connect them all together.

It's not pretty, but it is rather clever. You also learn quite a lot about how to arrange your pedals in order, although you probably don't have this many on stage at any one time.

And this is at least one very small thing that you will be able to tell your grandchildren about.

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