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How to sell your audio mixing console

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ResurfaceAvid S6 Console

Resurface, a new online marketplace, aims to take the headache out of buying and selling professional audio mixing consoles.

As professionals, through years of projects and gigs, we tend to accrue gear, whether small items like cables, which are nearly expendable, or much larger, big-ticket equipment. When the time comes to part with your gear, there are plenty of online outlets and portals to move most of your stuff. However, if you're trying to move, say, a mixing console, your options shrink with little assurances that the exchange will be handled in the proper manner.

A new online marketplace has opened this week to solve this very problem. Resurface, formed by longtime industry professionals Ben Nemes and Tim Hurrell, wants to connect buyers and sellers of audio consoles, as well as streamline and safeguard the transaction, including the transference of licenses and transport. "With audio technology being so highly-specialist in nature," says Nemes, " buyers and sellers often require assistance with commissioning and decommissioning, shipping, installation, training and with finding freelance operational talent."

As Nemes indicates above, the console marketplace may be the centerpiece of Resurface, but the site wishes to be a wider resource for the audio industry. Not only can professionals check on the current going-rate for their consoles, but they can also find job leads and keep abreast of industry news, via its curated feed. A suite of other support services, catering to the needs of music and post engineers, rounds out the offering.

While you may not be in the market for a second-hand mixing console (either buying or selling) at present, Resurface could be worth a visit nonetheless, if only to check out a new professional resource.

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