Greatest Hits - Music video production uncovered. Sony Webinar - 6th July

Written by David Shapton

SonySony Music Webinar

Sony is hosting a must-see webinar on music video direction and production.

Many successful musicians and composers have turned to music videos to enhance and promote their works. Some have even moved across and become filmmakers. These short musical films often use the latest techniques, and yet because they're short, they're a perfect learning ground for aspiring film directors, producers and cinematographers. And if you’re still a musician - it’s really helpful to know how to make music videos too.

So it's surprising that there isn't much up-to-date information about how to create music videos.

Until now, that is.

On the 6th of July, Sony will be hosting a webinar with Sony Music DOP Mike Marchlewski, freelance director Tom Swindell and renowned cinematographer Nino Leitner. It's a chance to learn how to shoot attention-grabbing music videos that will get you and the artist started on the path to success.

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Music videos are an almost perfect showcase for talent. Cinema and video skills are complimented by the music. Each draws attention to the other.

In the webinar, hosted by Nino, the topics to be discussed are:

•     Look like a million dollars: shoot attention-grabbing music videos on real-world budgets

•     From storyboard to screen: conveying your artist’s vision

•     Master your art: which cameras and lenses work best

•     Telling a musical story: schedules, locations and shot lists

•     Capture a great performance: taking care of lighting and audio

•     Making the cut: break into the industry and get your work noticed

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this important webinar. Remember: it's on the 6th of July.

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