Audiolab adds streamer and power amp to product range

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RedShark SoundAudiolab introduced two new 8300 products: 8300N and 8300XP.

Audiolab has recently extended its 8300 line with two new models and introduced other products for professionals. By Dan George.

Huntingdon, UK-based electronics manufacturer Audiolab has bolsered its 8300 range of electronics with a pair of new components. The 8300N is a UPnP media player that handles digital files up to 24/192kHz via network, plus files at up to 384kHz in size via its USB input. There's DSD compatibility and the unit will also function as a preamp, thanks to a volume control that operates entirely in the digital domain.

Additionally, the player has been fitted with a variety of digital inputs to allow it to act as a 'digital hub' for other sources. The 8300N is built around the ESS Sabre DAC 9018 DAC, which has become something of a favourite for Audiolab. A small front panel display gives track and network information and we understand that Audiolab is hard at work developing a dedicated control app for the player, which is due to go on sale in the summer.

The 8300XP is a power amplifier built into a single chassis, unlike the existing 8300MB mono block amplifier. Power output is claimed as a healthy 140 watts into 8 ohms, which should enable the amp to easily drive most domestic speakers it comes into contact with. The 8300XP is fitted with both RCA and XLR connections and would form a self-contained system with the 8300N. The amp is due to go on sale in the spring.

Audiolab has also been adding other products outside of the 8300 Series. Following on from the M-DAC+ digital to analogue convertor is the M-One, which uses the same chassis as the DAC and features a healthy selection of digital inputs in its own right, but additionally has a 60-watt amplifier, allowing it to act as a self-contained system with a suitable pair of speakers. The M-One is also due to go on sale in the spring.

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