Reason 9 Desert Road Trip

Written by David Shapton

Propellerhead / RedShark SoundReason 9, On the Road with Jake Shaw

Here's a great way to get through a lengthy road trip: by watching this nearly ten hour video of all of Reason's new sounds, recorded during just such a trip.

This is all a bit daft, but for that very reason, it's fun, too.

Propellerhead's version 9 of its seminal virtual studio software, Reason, comes with a massive new collection of sounds. To make the point in a way that's so over the top it's almost back to the starting point again, here's a video showing all the presets being previewed from the passenger seat of a car travelling from the centre of LA to the middle of the desert.

The whole trip takes about ten hours and the only way you're going to get through all of this is to play it while you're asleep.

Nevertheless, it does make the point that there's some very good sounds in there (and a lot of them – nine hours worth, to be precise).


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