iZotope VocalSynth: A virtuoso vocal processor

Written by David Shapton

iZotope / RedShark SoundiZotope VocalSynth

Audio software maker iZotope has released VocalSynth, a new tool to harmonize and further manipulate vocals.

No one knows how to get deep inside a sound like iZotope and so it's always exciting when the company releases a completely new product.

The Cambridge, MA audio software company (that, by the way, has some of the coolest offices we've ever seen – honestly, we'd like to LIVE there) has announced the release of VocalSynth.

It's a brand new plug-in that has a total of four 'engines' designed to modify and harmonise vocals. In addition, there are specialised vocal effects and pitch correction.

Vocal processing and transformation is a big deal these days and VocalSynth comes with some presets to get you working within some classic and modern styles.

But the real power is in the customisation and the ability to create completely new vocal sounds.

Vocal Control

Again, included in the software are four vocal engines. Using a natural voice, you can make Vocoder sounds, 'organic' harmonies, glitchy vocal effects, and synthesised singing sounds. There's distortion, (from 'edgy' to 'tasteful'), filters, speaker convolution modelling, beat-repeats and wide stereo delays.

You can fix errant notes with pitch correction, which works in real time, and it preserves formats too, very important for retaining the essential quality of the voice. You can also add harmonies, octaves and unison voices, automatically or directly from a MIDI controller.

Available now, VocalSynth is at a promotional price of $149 USD (€139 EUR) until June 16, when it will rise to $199 USD (€189 EUR).



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