Radio mics: the current state of the art

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Neumann / Sennheiser / RedShark SoundRadio mic mega round-up

A comprehensive survey of the current field of radio mics, with a detailed primer on recent tech developments and specific options for your next setup. By Phil Ward.

Here's a really good overview of radio mic systems available today. The full story appears on RedShark Sound, our sister magazine for the audio industry. You can follow the link to read the entire article - Radio mic mega round-up - but here's a quick excerpt:

Setting aside, for the moment, the obvious quality and security issues facing wireless frequencies, radio mics have evolved into a second phase of effectiveness on stage. If the first was the liberation of the performer from wired restraint, now it's the integration of that performance into a holistic production: live reinforcement, recording or broadcast – or all three at the same time.

The crucial front end of all this is the mic itself: the first component to greet the input. Getting it right avoids the inevitable tussle with feedback, unwanted spillage, catastrophic failures and the rest. It's a selection that will save labour and further costs by minimizing EQ and acoustic compensation.

Recent developments have brought new advantages. It's still generally agreed that UHF analogue wireless microphone systems are the most detailed and powerful in signal and range, but digital technology is having its say. Digital wireless is better at negotiating crowded airspace and can be license-free, thanks to the 2.4GHz range. Encryption, another newish breakthrough, reduces interference.

Read the full article here.

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