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Boom Audio: High Resolution Sound Effects library with special deals for RedShark readers

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BOOM AudioBoom Audio FX

Just in case you'd started to think that all sound effects libraries are the same, here's one with a genuine difference.

The biggest mistake any video maker can make is to ignore the sound side of the production. Neglecting the sound track is not only bad practice, but it's a huge missed opportunity, because excellent audio can make video look better. Not only that, but high quality sound effects can engage the audience to a much greater degree than images alone. You only have to look at a typical movie trailer to see how true this is. Dramatic sound inevitably grabs the audience's attention in a way that images alone can't hope to do.

Boom knows a bit about Sound Effects. The company was founded in 2010 (an age ago in this business!) by some audio fanatics from Dynamedion, the biggest European game audio studio, based in Mainz, Germany.

Over the years, the Dynamedion sound designers worked on hundreds of different projects and each of them required high quality source recordings for their sound design. Unfortunately, most of the time, the sounds on the SFX market didn‘t offer the quality or the cleanliness that was required. So they went out into to the field and started recording their own source sounds.

Audio Treasures

Always with the idea of sharing their collected audio treasures (the field recordings) with sound designers all over the world, they created the BOOM library. And they already have an impressive track record. Here are some of the films that feature BOOM sound effects:

THOR – The Dark World

SIN CITY: A Dame To Kill For

Machete & Machete Kills

The Hobbit – The Desolation Of Smaug (Online Trailer)

Prometheus (Trailer)

Disney’s John Carter

The Dark Knight Rises (Trailer)

Games designers know about sound. They know that when you create a game, there's absolutely no "location" audio. 3D models don't make any sounds. You have to source them from somewhere else.

So they need hundreds and thousands of real, convincing effects.

And here's where BOOM has perhaps its biggest edge: all the sounds come with 24 bit resolution at a sample rate of at least 96 kHz and sometimes 192 kHz. This really is high definition audio. It's the best possible source. And even though your project is unlikely to be mastered in this audio resolution the extra quality will shine through even if you downsample (it's like when you convert 4K to HD - it looks fantastic!). It also allows you to EQ and pitch -change the audio without losing apparent quality.

So, the source sounds are great, but so is the way they're packaged. They're assembled into easily understood and relevant themes. One of the most popular is Cinematic Trailers.

which is a collection of sounds that embrace the familiar language of movie promotional video: whooshes, swoops, rising choruses and all kinds of spine-tingling attention-grabbers. And these are all sounds that would be near-impossible to make yourselves.

Each category comes in two versions: raw sounds in a so called "Construction Kit“ and a "Designed“ version. The Designed sounds are pre-mixed by experts into ready-to-use complex and dynamic soundscapes. So you have the option to make your own composite sounds, or if time is tight, to use the ready mixed ones.

Discounts for RedShark users

We like BOOM so much that we've arranged special pricing for RedShark readers. These extremely useful discounts are available by quoting discount code RED10 when you buy.

Here's what you get:

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You can purchase and download from here.

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