A great christmas present (including to yourself).

Written by David Shapton

Corsair/RedSharkCorsair 2500

We reviewed these at the beginning of the year. I've been using them since then and they're still brilliant. If you want to treat yourself this Christmas...

These speakers from Corsair are awesome. They're under £200, and are easily as good as professional monitors costing five times as much.

Just in case you're wondering - we don't have any commercial relationship with Corsair. These are just plain good.

A lot of 2.1 (ie stereo speakers with a subwoofer) exaggerate the bass at the expense of accuracy. These don't. They're accurate and measured. But they're tough as well - if you're using them for music recording, they're designed to be able to blast at full volume 24 hours per day. You're unlikely to damage these with unexpected peaks or sudden feedback.

Here's our original article reviewing the speakers

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