10 Nov 2013

How to Treat a Voice

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We love state-of-the-art tech whether it's audio or video. iZotope Nectar 2 is about as cutting edge as it gets

It's all just numbers. The numbers come in, they go through some math(s), and then come out again.

But what blows our minds is that the math(s) relate to something in the real world that is about as far from an equation or algorithm as you can imagine. It's this leap of abstraction from the real to the virtual that makes what you're going to see and hear in this video all the more remarkable.

How does a computer represent a flower? Or a piano piece by Debussy? And how does it may something wonderful sound or look even more beautiful?

The amazing thing is that we know exactly how digital processing works, although iZotope clearly has lashings of secret sauce that they're not divulging to anyone.

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