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Audiio debuts new ‘Originals’ produced with top sync artists

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Exclusive songs from sync industry veterans are set to be released monthly by Audiio in a new offering helping people seriously up their music game.

Audiio Originals is a new collaboration between music licenses specialist Audiio and some of the leading music producers currently working, designed to regularly release trend-worthy, relevant songs into Audiio's already extensive catalogue. 

The initial release will feature over 20 songs spanning a wide range of genres, including hip-hop and modern cinematic compositions. Each track is created based on current music trends, ranging from powerful commercial anthems for advertisers to immersive compositions ideal for dramatic entertainment content. 

Audiio Originals producers represent a diverse group of music industry talent including Max Corwin, Joshua Silverberg, Faded Light, J Scott Rakozy, Outland, Laim Back, Yellen, and Que Parks who have had music featured by leading brands such as Nike, Range Rover, Under Armour, Starbucks, MTV, and NFL. Que Parks, for instance, has most recently had his song selected to promote Showtime’s hit series Billions, and more artist announcements are to come. 

"Some of the world's most talented musicians are waking up to the potential within the creator market, and many are finding a home with us," said Audiio's Co-Founder and Head of Music, Clay Jones. "It is such an honor to work with a rising sync artist like Que Parks as part of our first releases." 

As everyone knows, good music can make a video, but what is rather less talked about is that bad music can kill one off equally effectively, and this seems like a decent way to keep up to date and on point. Normal Audiio pricing starts at $199 a year ($499 lifetime) but the company’s running a special 70% off the first year deal at the moment, meaning you can pick it up for $59.99.

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