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First look at the potentially game changing ASUS ProArt PA32DC OLED monitor

ASUS ProArt at NAB
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ASUS ProArt at NAB

Back in Vegas, RedShark visited the ASUS booth at NAB and took a first look at the upcoming ProArt PA32DC OLED - the world's first OLED monitor with auto-calibration.

NAB might be a while ago now, but the brand new ProArt PA32DC OLED 4K monitor is still something that is worth taking a detailed look at. In the video below, Michael Vo, Field Sales Engineer from ASUS,  takes us through the new specs of this monitor and shows us exactly why OLED is a game-changer for creators. What is the true benefit of the OLED monitor? Watch below!

There's more too. Following the OLED monitor, Michael goes on to show ASUS' wide range of products for different needs. From the company's extra-wide monitor to its small portable monitor, there is a solution for every niche. Remote production is here to stay and ASUS ProArt is definitely making it possible by offering solutions not only for hardware, but also with software in mind; all of which is going to go a long way to helping make their products an essential part of many workflows.

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