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ARwall opens ARFX StudioBox for pre-orders

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ARFX StudioBox is a new turnkey solution for in-camera virtual production powered by the upcoming ARFX App and marketplace of scenes.

ARwall is introducing ARFX StudioBox at NAB, a hardware box designed to enable professional filmmakers and solo creators to get started in virtual production. The result of a seven-year development process, ARFX StudioBox and the ARFX App seamlessly integrate with smart devices — currently iOS, with Android coming soon — without the need for additional tracking hardware. Instead, creators can use their existing mobile devices, with TVs or projectors as backdrops, to create in-camera XR content

The key selling point here is that ARFX StudioBox enables filmmakers to customize their color, lighting, and camera settings in a matter of minutes without the need for any in-depth knowledge of coding, game engine, or 3D design experience. Instead, creators choose from a marketplace of professionally designed and lit scenes integrated into the app, with curated backdrop vistas, a powerful color lab, and what the company bills as many unique filmmaking “cheat” tools also included.

The ARFX product ecosystem is a result of over one hundred virtual production deployments by the ARwall team, most notably for Nightflyers (2018, NBCUniversal / Netflix) and the Emmy-winning Muppets Haunted Mansion (2021, Disney / The Muppet Studio), for which ARwall served as the virtual production effects department.

Elsewhere at NAB, Canon will host hands-on ARFX Lens demos using its C300 Mark III and C500 Mark II cameras. This is neat and a proprietary innovation of Canon and ARwall; the ARFX Comp Pro Plugin for UE5 receives lens data directly from the lens serial port, currently limited to the Canon 18-80mm EF 5-Pin Modified and the Canon 17-120 EF/PL lenses.

“This offers filmmakers a superior lens emulation option, freeing them from the burden of setup times that take 30 to 60 minutes with physical lens mapping,” says Jocelyn Hsu, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of ARwall.

And finally the company has also announced an official partnership with HTC Vive Mars and Antilatency, acting as an official reseller for both camera tracking technologies.

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