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Artlist announces new Edit Challenge with $75k of gear up for grabs

Image: Artlist.
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Image: Artlist.

Artlist has announced its second annual Edit Challenge, with $75,000 worth of gear to be won.

The competition follows on from last year and has drastically increased the prize pool. The company is inviting content creators to submit fictional commercials, movie trailers, or music videos. The only stipulation is that they use Artlist stock music and Artgrid stock footage.

Competitors need to select a category to enter into and then upload their finished videos to YouTube with the hashtag #AGeditchallenge in the title.

A competition like this is interesting because it puts participants on the same footing. Everyone has access to the same footage and music, and it is simply down to the creativity of those involved. And yes, you will need an Artlist membership, so the more cynical among you could grumble about shameless promotion and the like. But such fears are unfounded. In fact it turns out that the company is accepting entries using watermarked footage from free trial memberships.

The competition is being supported by the likes of Blackmagic Design, Insta360 Zhiyun Tech and a whole load more. So for those who like the idea of a chance to win some shiny new gear and who like a creative challenge, there's a good opportunity here.

The competition is open now and entries close on Sept 23rd. To find out more visit the Edit Challenge page.

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