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BBC talks IP production

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BBCA Bluebell Stagebox net caddie attached to a Panasonic camera

While the Blackmagic camera news understandably cast a very long shadow over everything else at NAB, the BBC quietly unveiled what looks to be a rather significant world’s first – an IP-based production system called Stagebox.

Basically, Stagebox is a broadcast production device that attaches to the back of a camera, and delivers all the necessary links over IP – including Genloc and Timecode - enabling programme makers to link multiple cameras and move HD content over standard IP networks.

“We feel this is significant because it’s the first truly standards-based product that allows the entire end-to-end production process to be put directly onto the internet,” says the BBC’s Technology Transfer Manager, Nick Pinks on the BBC R&D blog. “Production is the last piece of the broadcast puzzle to move fully onto IP, connecting the cameras, microphones, feeds and talent directly to the editing process.”

The result is that programme makers can stream footage to any gallery for live production or post team simply using an internet connection, whether that be a single camera for news coverage or a whole slew of them for a major live event. You could even have a fast-turnaround documentary team filming on one continent while the edit started on another.

Various partners are already on board to help build a full IP production ecosystem, and Red Shark will keep a close eye on this and look forward to watching the first fully IP originated and delivered content...via iPlayer of course.

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