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And you thought 4K was impressive

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© Suntec SingaporeThe full 96,000 x 23,760 display


The Guinness World Record title for the Largest High Definition Video Wall is now held by the 60m wide and 15m high screen at the Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre in Singapore. Called The Big Picture, its overall pixel dimensions are a stunning 96,000 x 23,760. That’s over 250x 4K resolution.

The system relies on the Dataton Watchout multi-image display and presentation software to manage a range of dynamic and constantly changing content presented over 664 integrated LG LED flat panel displays.

“The Big Picture is controlled and operated by three major subsystems which are the video wall, playback, integration and control," explains Mr Oh, Technical Manager, LGE Singapore. "Playback manages content and the principle of the design is to support multi-display and 4K images from 21 Watchout display servers, serving 84 full HD outputs.

“The integration and control system acts to control The Big Picture and servers, turning them on or off as required. It also manages playback where a part of a show at a specific time can be selected or it can be used to manage interactive content.”

Interactive features are integrated with RFID tracking systems and sensors on the escalators located just in front of screen, allowing it to display welcome messages, or show specialised content alongside riders on the escalator from levels one to three.


“We input content at the resolution of 32,000 x 7920, this content is then upscaled by hardware and the final output is three times larger,” says Bernard Ng, Digital Creative Curator, AV, Technology and Content Management at Suntec Singapore on The Big Picture. “We use a variety of media to create content, including images and MPEG-4 video. This means that we do not necessarily scale one 4K video across the entire screen. Even though it is possible it would result in poor visual quality due too the massive over-upscaling.

“One of the better solutions we are using is tiling eight 4K videos to composite the entire screen. One 32,000 x 7920 video is created, and sliced to eight 8000 x 3960 videos to be tiled via the Watchout system.”


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