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Aputure announces four new lights at Cinegear

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The Electro Storm CS15 and XT26, the F14 Fresnel, and the new Spotlight Max all joined the future Aputure lighting catalogue at Cinegear over the weekend.

A lot to get through here so lets start with the big guns, the Electro Storm CS15 and the Electro Storm XT26.


The Electro Storm XT26 is a 2600W high-output point-source LED fixture with dynamic white CCT and tint control featuring dual accessory mounts — the universal Bowens Mount and Aputure’s new electronic A-Mount —, professional connectivity methods, G/M tint control, advanced liquid-cooling technology, and an IP65 dust & water-resistant construction. At 2600W of intense power output, the Electro Storm XT26 approaches the brightness of industry-standard 12,000W tungsten Fresnels and 4000W HMIs, making it what the company claims to be one of the most powerful point-source LEDs on the market to date.

The A-Mount is Aputure’s latest accessory mount designed with higher stability, durability, and optimization for heavy-duty modifiers. At announcement, the A-Mount is compatible with three new A-Mount Reflectors (20deg / 35deg / 50deg) and the 14-inch Aputure F14 Fresnel, with the company saying that additional A-Mount accessories and modifiers will be available in the future. The A-Mount also communicates data for both optimized color accuracy and motorized focus control.

The Electro Storm XT26 is targeted to be available in Q4 of 2023. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

It’s the same price and availability story with the Electro Storm CS15, a 1500W high-output full-colour point-source LED fixture. This features dual accessory mounts, professional connectivity methods, high SSI color quality, and an IP65 dust & water-resistant construction. At 1500W of intense power output, the Electro Storm CS15 is bright enough to be comparable to industry-standard 1,800W HMIs, and Aputure reckons is the most powerful and colour-accurate open-face full-colour point-source fixture on the market to date.


Moving on, the Aputure F14 Fresnel is an electronic A-Mount Fresnel modifier with a large 14-inch (350mm) diameter lens and a mooted motorized 18deg-45deg spot-flood beam angle range. Designed for the two new Electro Storms, the F14 Fresnel optimizes and amplifies the light output, providing smooth, remote adjustability and the sort of beautiful light quality only achievable with large Fresnels. Users can further shape the light and reduce spill from the Fresnel using the included Barn Doors, and it also features a weather-resistant design.


And lastly for a hyperactive show of announcements from the company if not physical releases, the Spotlight Max is a Bowens Mount projection lens modifier designed to bring an advanced degree of control to high-output Bowens Mount point-source fixtures from the LS 600d Pro and LS 1200d Pro to the Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26, transforming them into a powerful spotlight with a further reach and even, shapeable output. Available in 19deg, 36deg, and 50deg lens options, the Spotlight Max has been designed to cover a wide range of light projection needs on set.

Again, availability is by the end of the year with pricing to be determined.

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