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Alteon.io adds workflow extension for Final Cut Pro

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New software unlocks Alteon’s ecosystem for anyone using Apple’s flagship editing software.

Editors working with Apple’s Final Cut Pro now have access to a new workflow extension from Alteon.io, a comprehensive cloud-based hub designed specifically for the media industry.

Alteon is basically a secure cloud storage platform and the FCP extension means that FCP users can upload files directly to the cloud with a single click rather than initiating dedicated file transfers or shipping hard drives between collaborators. Permissions and optional expiration dates can be added for added security.

Collaborators with access to the project in Alteon can then choose to either download the original file or an automatically generated proxy—which is especially useful when working with high-quality file formats such as Blackmagic RAW (which Alteon natively supports).

The company says its team is already developing new ways to further streamline workflows, including the ability to view timestamped comments made in Alteon within Final Cut Pro.

The workflow extension for FCP is Alteon’s second extension for an industry-standard NLE to date, Adobe Premiere Pro being the first to benefit in September last year. Support for further popular NLEs is promised in the future.

Tags: Post & VFX