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Alteon marks second NAB with new features and top-flight presentations

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Alteon is showcasing a fair deal of stuff on its stand at NAB this year as it visits the show for the second time, including an early look at some brand new features that we hope to bring you once the show floor opens, as well as some excellent looking presentations.

The things we already know about are pretty cool too though, including Alteon Cloud, an award-winning CMS that combines flexible storage tiers with extensive tagging and commenting power; Alteon Accelerator, a desktop uploader, powered by IBM Aspera, that maximizes internet upload speeds; and Alteon Transcoder, which automatically generates proxies of video files, including Blackmagic RAW, natively in the cloud during upload. 

And this year to date it has launched a new iOS app, allowing iPhone creators to upload media from their Camera Roll directly to Alteon Cloud for secure storage and immediate collaboration, as well as a workflow extension for Final Cut Pro.

Standing out in the hubbub of your average trade show is no easy task, but one sure-fire tactic is to host interesting presentations on your stand and Alteon's speaker line-up promises to meet the brief and more. Throughout the show, Alteon will host hourly presentations from industry veterans, providing attendees with insight into real-world content workflows at the highest levels. The full schedule is behind that link, but highlights include:

  • The Evolution of News Media (Kerry Sanders, retired NBC broadcaster)
  • How Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing is Redefining Real Estate Media (Ryan Coyne, CTO at SERHANT.)
  • Connecting FCP to the Cloud (Jenn Jager, production specialist)
  • The Past, Present and Future of Creative Tech (Tom Ohanian, employee #8 at Avid)
  • Hybrid Storage Solutions with OWC (Sam Mestman, head of marketing, OWC)

It's an interesting line up and helps showcase the company's ambitions to position itself as the creative workspace of the future.

“Over the last two decades, I’ve attended NAB every year, and I’ve seen firsthand the shifts that revolutionized our industry,” comments Alteon co-founder & CEO, Matt Cimaglia. “With Alteon, my goal was to build the tool I always wanted to find at the show. It never existed—until now.”







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