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AJA showcasing KONA X and more

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IBC2023 in video: A whistle-stop tour of the AJA IBC stand courtesy of Abe Abt, senior product consultant at AJA Video Systems.

AJA Video Systems (7.C19) started off converting things when it was first formed. “From this to that and from that to this,” says senior product consultant, Abe Abt, as he shows us round the stand. And indeed, it still does; only it does it at a higher level than it did all those years ago and it does a lot more besides.

It’s moved into many more niches too. But it’s good to see it recognise its origins with the latest openGear converter releases. These are essentially card-based versions of the company’s extensive range of Mini-Converters, just in a form factor more suited to rack mounting and lobbing into OB trucks etc.


We start though with a look at the new ultra low-latency KONA X. 

“This is leading-edge stuff, it’s the fastest board we’ve ever made,” says Abit. “Basically what this board allows you to do is 4K up to 60p, it allows you to do 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0, but you have sub-frame latency when you’re capturing into your system. It’s capturing line by line and giving you access to those lines immediately, so you don’t have A/B sync issues; you can have things going to multiple screens all at once and there are no synchronisation issues. It’s an amazing, amazing product and we’re super excited to be offering it here at the show.”

Have a look below.


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