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Adobe Premiere Pro 24.2 officially adds Enhance Speech, TikTok export, and more

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The latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro 24.2 sees several interesting features move out of beta and into the mainstream, as well as some completely new bits and pieces such as Sony BURANO support.

Adobe Premiere Pro has now hit v24.2 and, as ever, there’s an interesting range of new features to talk about in the NLE. Admittedly, not everything is new, but when faced with tools such as Enhance Speech, which moves out of beta and into the mainstream release schedule, they’re definitely worth talking about.

Enhance Speech has been a lifesaver for many editors since it first debuted last year. It uses AI (though not genAI, Adobe is quick to point out, Enhance Speech isn't synthesizing new audio) to reduce distracting background noise and improves the quality of dialogue clips. It’s billed as making them sound like they were recorded in a professional studio and, while it can only obviously do so much with what it gets presented with, the results we’ve heard have been impressive.

Users simply open the Essential Sound panel and select Enhance to start the analysis. A progress bar appears in the Essential Sound panel to give an estimate of how long it will take to enhance the selected audio clip, which happily occurs in the background.

It is the same feature as featured in Adobe Podcast, but the Premiere Pro version has been optimized for local use with no internet connection. Adobe Podcast’s model is hosted in the cloud.

Elsewhere, there is now direct export to TikTok to play with. This allows users to create posts and drafts, add captions, hashtags, and keywords, and then export them direct without compromising. New templates and sequence presets allow users to quickly set up projects for publishing to TikTok or, indeed, plenty of other popular social media and video sharing sites.

Streamlined proxy creation makes it easier than ever to create proxies that are exactly half or a quarter of your original frame size and has been cleared up with new frame size selection and updated proxy presets. The Create Proxies dialog has been overhauled by removing elements and revamping preset options to focus on format over resolution. 

It now includes presets for: H264.mp4, H264.mov, ProRes, Cineform, DNxHR VR Monoscopic, DNxHR VR Stereoscopic, and there is, of course, a custom option for maximum flexibility.

There’s also new support for color fonts and emojis, with Premiere Pro now providing full emoji support on the Mac. And, ahead (or behind, depending on where you are in the world) of Sony BURANO shipping, there is now Sony BURANO camera support. This allows users to import X-OCN and XAVC formats and start working with the latest in camera technology. Premiere Pro supports all formats supported by the BURANO, namely: X-OCN (LT), XAVC H Intra HQ, XAVC H Intra SQ, XAVC H Long, XAVC Intra, and XAVC Long.

There’s more too, which Adobe summarises in bullet points:

  • While working with titles and captions, users can now see an indicator if the text does not fit within the paragraph text box
  • Quickly convert point text to paragraph text
  • Added the ability to encode H264 in an MOV container
  • Analysis for Warp Stabilizer is now faster
  • Noise Effect is now GPU-accelerated

All of which is available as of right now to users via the usual range of automatic and manual updates. 

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