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ZHIYUN unveils SMOOTH 5S AI gimbal for smartphones

The new SMOOTH 5S AI gimbal
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The new SMOOTH 5S AI gimbal

ZHIYUN has launched its new SMOOTH 5S AI gimbal for smartphone content creators, featuring AI tracking technology to help improve stabilization and operation.

The new ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S AI comes with algorithms that enable precise and accurate subject tracking. These algorithms adjust the gimbal based on the subject’s movements, ensuring what the company says is consistent sharp and clear footage. 

The AI tracker with a magnetic attachment enables quick rotation to control either the smartphone’s front or rear camera. With simple hand gestures, users can start and stop shooting via ZHIYUN’s ZY Cami App or directly through the smartphone camera. The tracker also supports custom framing and tracking, making a long-distance solo video recording effortless and helping users capture moments independently that would have otherwise been missed.

3-axis structure

The 3-axis structure enables 360° rotation, giving the users immersive visual effects such as "Vortex Mode." This design ensures smooth and stable shots during fast-paced action or slow cinematic scenes. Unlike traditional 3-axis gimbals, the SMOOTH 5S AI offers complete movement flexibility, avoiding the unexpected freezes that can occur when creating powerful professional effects like low-to-high transitions and 360° barrel shots.

Design and built-in lights

Buttons, dials, joysticks, and switches can quickly select the perfect settings for each shot without taking your eyes away from the action. The SMOOTH 5S AI’s built-in light has a peak illuminance of 680 lux. With two additional magnetically attached fill lights, the combined peak illuminance can go up to 2040 lux. 

The gimbal comes with two apps. ZY Cami works for videography with a range of smart shooting functions, while StaCam gives users new visual frontiers with advanced professional features like guides, focus peaking, zebra stripes, and LUT. Whether users are professional photographers or enthusiasts, this gimbal suits everyone.

Pricing is following:

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