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ZEISS intros Nano Prime family of high-speed cine lenses for mirrorless full-frame cameras

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ZEISS says its new Nano Primes combine a cinematic look with a lightweight and compact design.

The new ZEISS Nano Primes are the first high-speed (T1.5 throughout) cine lenses made specifically for mirrorless full-frame cameras. Initially available for Sony E-mount, they are available in six focal lengths (18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm).

The company developed the optical design of the new Nano Primes specifically for mirrorless film cameras, as Christophe Casenave, responsible for Cinematography Products at ZEISS, explains.

“Thanks to the close focusing distance and the high speed of T1.5, Nano Primes enable images with an extremely shallow depth of field, even in the wide-angle range,” he says. “The elegant bokeh and the harmonious focus fall-off ensure a versatile look that meets different artistic requirements, whether for indie productions, documentaries, commercials, series, or feature films.” 

zeiss nano primes specs

Consistent positioning of the focus and iris rings across all focal lengths ensures quick and uncomplicated lens changes, while the calibrated focus scales are easy to read, and a long 280°focus rotation aids precise focus pulling. In addition, the iris ring features 90° rotation and a non-linear scale to enable fine aperture adjustment. Weight ranges from 870g to 1260g (1.93 lbs to 2.77 lbs).

Thanks to the integrated electronic interface, metadata such as focal length, focus distance and aperture value are transmitted to the camera in real-time. Additional lens data for distortion and vignetting is available in the ZEISS CinCraft ecosystem and thus for post-production (CinCraft Mapper) and in the recently introduced CinCraft Scenario camera tracking system. 

The ZEISS Nano Primes will be on display for the first time at the AFC Micro Salon in Paris (February 7-8) and at the BSC Expo in London (February 15-17). ZEISS says that interested visitors can bring their E-mount cameras with them so that they can record their own material and view it at home at their leisure, which is a nice touch.

The lenses can be ordered immediately for between $4490 and $4990, while a complete set, including a lens case, costs $25,950. Deliveries begin in May 2024.

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