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Zacuto's new Z-Finder for the Sony BURANO

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Zacuto has released a new Z-Finder for the Sony BURANO, which replaces the original viewfinder and is designed to work with the monitor, offering a better option than the camera's detachable loupe.

The 8K Sony BURANO digital cinema camera made a splash at IBC2023, and the 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD is excellent, but the loupe that comes with the camera has to be removed to use the touchscreen, which is inconvenient.

Zacuto has unveiled a Z-Finder specifically designed to work with the BURANO LCD screen. You can quickly flip the Z-Finder up to access the touchscreen menu instead of fumbling with the included loupe. It slides onto the LCD and can snap on and off pretty easily or flip up without detaching the Z-Finder to use the LCD. It does not get in the way of the Sony viewfinder mounting arm, yet the Zacuto’s mounting arm is specific to the BURANO.


The Zacuto Z-Finder magnifies the LCD by 2.5x and includes a 40mm lens, diopter wheel, anti-fog coating covers (2), a larger eyecup that won’t be uncomfortable to use, lens cap, sun mask, protective boot, dust cover, and two extender frames.

More and more third-party accessories are being designed and manufactured for the Sony BURANO, which highlights how important this camera will be for filmmakers, video professionals, rental houses, and more.

The Zacuto Z-Finder for the Sony BURANO looks like being a great option and much more convenient to flip up to access the camera’s touchscreen LCD than trying to remove the included loupe.

The Z-Finder for the BURANO will ship in early 2024 (the camera arrives in the spring) and retail for $595. Pre-order here. 

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